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In GABN, New Pastors

Last month GABN welcomed five new pastors and church planters into our network: Mandy Fernandez of the Rock Church, Matt Dye of M28, Kevin Cuthbertson of First Baptist Chattahoochee, and Jongill Lee of Logos Mission.

Over the course of the next few weeks, we’ll include interviews with each of these men, beginning with the new pastor of First Baptist Chattahoochee, Kevin Cuthbertson.

Q –  Why Atlanta?

A – After serving as an associate in Douglasville, GA, for a number of months, I began to look for a preaching pastor position. My wife and I from Mississippi and were looking at the possibility of returning. But when a friend told me that First Baptist Church Chattahoochee was looking for a pastor, I began to think about coming to Atlanta.

I had met the previous pastor, Cameron Ford, at a conference. I loved his vision for the church. In fact, I remember telling someone, “That’s exactly the kind of church I would like to serve.” The Lord was at work, giving me a heart for this local church. At the risk of the giving you the Sunday school answer, I can truly say this is where God planned for us to be.

Q – What can you tell us about your church?

A – FBC is a 110 year-old church with no debt and an active membership.  We are in the West Midtown part of Atlanta. The church family is extremely loving. I am regularly told by guests that they’ve never felt so welcomed by a congregation. We feel extremely blessed to be called here. I marvel at the Lord’s kindness that he would take a sinner like me and not only love me, but surround me with others who love me, too.

Q – Why GABN?

We are a part of GABN because I know myself. I know my desperate need for the gospel and other men and pastors who will spur me on toward love and good deeds. Those brothers I’ve met in the Network are men that I’d gladly join arms with in the fight of faith and in the mission to take the gospel to Atlanta and beyond. I have already been encouraged and challenged, and I look forward to more of the same in the years to come. I long to partner and pray with the rest of you.

Q –  How did you come to Christ?

A – My mother read to me from a children’s bible every night, and my brother and I would fight to be the one to answer her questions. At the time, I didn’t think much of it. Looking back, it was my mother’s prayers and faithfulness that God used to bring me to faith in the gospel. I remember sitting on her bed and praying that God, through Christ, would save me. Praise God, he did.

Q – What led you into pastoral ministry?

A – Most of my life I wanted to play football and “be somebody.” I used the weight room to try and make much of myself. God humbled me during my senior year. He showed me that joy would never be found in making much of me, but by making much of Him. It’s strange for I had always said that I would never be a pastor or a missionary. That would kill any hope I had to live the “good” life. But in1997, God gave me such a sweet joy in his word and in making Him known, that I woke up with my mind completely changed. Suddenly, I couldn’t see myself doing anything else besides pastoring! The joy I found in teaching small groups or discussing the word with friends eclipsed all else. From that day on, I knew what I wanted to do: be a pastor.

Q – What can you tell us about your family?

A – I have been married to my wife Laura since October of 2004.  We met while in college at Ole Miss but really got to know one another while serving on staff with Campus Crusade. We had our first daughter in 2007 (Molly Kate). After MK was born, we experienced several miscarriages. Prior to our marriage, Laura and I had discussed adoption. We always assumed we’d adopt one day. But after much prayer, we decided the day had come. In 2008 we pursued two boys living in Ethiopia. They joined us in 2010. Then, to our amazement, Laura was pregnant again. We went from one to four children in a fourth month span. Mikias, now nine, joined us in March of 2010. Madden was born in June, and a week later we picked up Miles from Ethiopia. He’s now six. Our fifth child, Maggie, was born just a few weeks ago.

Q – How can we be praying for you?

A – We have been going through the book of James on Wednesday night and I am struck by my great need for wisdom to lead God’s people here. As Solomon looked out over the people of Israel, he saw the greatness of the task and his own weakness. I feel that weakness daily. Pray for me that God would give me wisdom to lead this church, for whom I already have great love. Pray that I would balance my time well and not neglect my family. Lastly, pray I would be a faithful evangelist.