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You may already know that Baptist associations have a long history in America. For over 200 years, like-minded leaders of Baptist congregations have sought to meet regularly to discuss the ministry, encourage friendships, and cooperate together to see the gospel planted in their region.

We are very thankful for state, local, and even national networks that seek to unite pastors and churches who may be part of the same denomination, or may simply share a similar philosophy of ministry. But we believe that there remains a role for a more local work, an association that can bring together pastors and congregations who serve a particular region—in our case, metro Atlanta.

Our mission is pretty simple: to cooperate for the fulfillment of the Great Commission. Toward that end, we pool our resources to support church plants and existing works in need of help. Our budget is not large, but we do all we can to put funds directly into the hands of those planting or revitalizing churches. We have no full-time staff. Our associational missionary is a volunteer. We pay hourly for financial and administrative help. That means that if you become part of the association, we need more than your money; we need your time.

Interested in joining? Go to our Looking to Join page.