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Crazy Preaching for God’s Glory

While Paul was saying this in his defense, Festus said in a loud voice, “Paul, you are out of your mind! Your great learning is driving you mad.” – Acts 26:24 (NASB) Have you ever been accused of being “out of your mind”?  Have those who’ve heard you explain the scriptures based on what you’ve […]
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Welcome Back to the GABN Blog

Welcome back to the Greater Atlanta Baptist Network (GABN) blog. I say welcome back because you’ve probably noticed that the website has been under construction. I pray that in the months and years ahead, this becomes a place where you can be encouraged in ministry. Our aim is to keep this blog updated with short […]
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Witnessing in Your Neighborhoods

In my brief two and a half years as a pastor in Atlanta, I’ve quickly discovered that we have immense challenges reaching our communities with the gospel.Once upon a time our churches were teeming with families that lived within minutes of our churches.But now, the majority of our church members don’t live in the neighborhoods […]
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Joseph, a Godly Leader – Not An Overnight Sensation!

One of the best examples in scripture of someone who personifies patient, godly leadership is Joseph. Just look at his heritage! His father was Jacob, his grandfather was Isaac, and his great-grandfather was Abraham. His family alone was enough to have gotten him an invitation to speak at his “denominational leadership conference”! However, his bright […]
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A Prayer for GABN Pastors

Brothers, as we head into the Christmas and New Year break, how can we be better praying for one another? Let me encourage you to pray this way: 1. Quality time with family. A pastor’s schedule is full. The demands on our time are legion. Sadly, many of us make the mistake of giving our […]
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25 Lessons from the Incarnation

Christmas is the celebration of Christ’s incarnation—his coming in the flesh. Do you know what that means and what it means for you? Here are 25 lessons from the incarnation of Christ. I pray that they serve you, your family, and your church as we rejoice in the birth of our Savior. 25 Lessons from […]
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Where is Your Church Identity?

“If we are to be known in this community, it is not because of how wonderful a congregation we are.  It is how wonderful a Savior He is!” – Paul Washer I was listening to a conversation recently between members of several Baptist churches in our area. The majority of participants were older Christians and […]
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Witnessing in the Workplace

All of us have men and women in our churches who are in need of help in sharing Christ with their co-workers. Below is an article by Ashok Nachnani, a former Hindu, who was led to faith in Christ by a believing co-worker. He lists five ways that Christians in the workplace can effectively and […]
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